Tailwind CSS & React Account Blocks - Material Tailwind PRO

The UI account blocks are used for displaying, managing, or interacting with user account information. They might include various elements such as: user Information, settings, authentication, user actions, and more. Check out our block examples for Tailwind CSS account pages.

Basic Info Block

Free Block

The example below showcases an account settings section where a user can update their basic information. Each input field has a placeholder or dropdown menu that clearly indicates the information that needs to be entered.

Avatar Upload Block

Use this block to let the user customize their profile and set their availability or presence status for other users to see. The design is user-friendly, with clear labels and visual cues for interaction.

Change Password Block

This Tailwind CSS block example comes with clear instructions and required steps to ensure the user creates a secure password. The visibility toggles next to the password fields are a helpful feature that allows users to verify their input without compromising security.

2FA Block

Use this section to let the users enhance the safety of their account access through additional verification steps.

Accounts Block

This block allows users to connect their accounts from different platforms for a more integrated experience using toggle switchers.

Notification Block

In this account block example, the toggle switches make it convenient to enable or disable notification methods with a simple click or tap.

Sessions Block

This UI block allows the user to monitor and control where their account is accessed from, which is an important aspect of maintaining account security. The call-to-action buttons help users to take necessary actions to protect their account.