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Figma Design System for Material Tailwind PRO

Interested in working with the designer files? No worries, we've prepared an exclusive Figma version of the product!

Color Palette

Inspired by Material Design.Create a color theme that perfectly matches your style and brand!


Figma Variants

Each component comes with multiple design variants for endless creative possibilities. Add our ready-styled components to your project or modify them as you would like.



Our Figma Design Files come with implemented text styles for consistent design.


Built for Desktop and Mobile

Forget about responsiveness. With Material Tailwind we got you covered! Our design files are using features like Constraints and Auto Layout.


Auto Layout

Our design files feature auto layout from Figma, making it easy to change the order and width of columns and rows


Perfect Pixel crafted

Material Tailwind PRO was developed by following the highest UI/UX standards. Every aspect of the design, from the color palette to the typography, has been carefully crafted to ensure an intuitive and visually appealing user experience.

All Sized

All the components come in different dimensions, making it easier for you to implement them into your projects.

perfect fimga image

Fixed Paddings

The Material Tailwind components come with fixed paddings to simplify your work. Awesome, right?

perfect fimga image

More Variants

The components are available in various style variants, allowing you to better match them with your business needs.

perfect fimga image

Craft Interfaces

Unlock Creative Possibilities with
Material Tailwind

Whether it's an e-commerce site, a portfolio showcase, or a corporate landing page, Material Tailwind PRO empowers designers to easily customize and mold their projects to perfection.

E-commerce Pages

These blocks include product listings, shopping carts, pricing blocks, and more. They can be easily integrated into your e-commerce platform.

perfect fimga image

Admin Dashboards

These blocks include data visualization, user management, analytics, and other essential features for managing and monitoring your application.

perfect fimga image

Blog Pages

These blocks include article listings, single post pages, comment blocks, and other elements necessary for a blog website.

perfect fimga image

Craft Engaging Websites

Whether you need blocks for showcasing your portfolio, highlighting your services, or creating a landing page, Material Tailwind has you covered.

perfect fimga image

Trusted by over 10,000+ Web Developers

Embraced by freelancers and businesses alike on a global scale.

See what other fellow developers and designers are saying about Material Tailwind.


"Material Tailwind has changed the way we design websites. The Figma version makes it incredibly easy to customize blocks to fit our projects."

Anya Mosley

Fullstack Developer


"I've tried many UI libraries and I really like Material Tailwind. It helps us so much to create professional-looking websites."

Demi Hickman

Web Developer


"It's the ideal framework for creating responsive and good-looking websites."

Shane Roman



"This is an excellent product, the documentation is excellent and helped me get things done more efficiently."

Willard Palmer

Web Developer


"The fact that comes with the figma files is really life-saving. I definitely recommend it."

Jose Richard

Fontend Developer


"“It's a must-have tool for any designer!”"

Casey Calderon

Fullstack Developer



Choose your favorite plan

Buy one and get lifetime access for each plan mentioned below.




React + HTML


Get access to the React & Tailwind CSS code and use our components library to create faster your stunning web projects.


Figma File


Get access to the Figma Files and use our components library to create faster your stunning web projects.dummy text for alignment


Developer + Designer


Get access to both HTML + React code versions and Figma File use our components library to create faster your stunning web projects.


Full Code

Free Updates


HTML Technology

React Technology


Material Tailwind Pro | Team Pricing

Get access to both HTML + React code versions and Figma File use our components library to create faster your stunning web projects.

What's included

10+ Team Members

Priority Support

Full Code

Figma File PRO

Free Updates


Pay once,
Own it forever


Secured Payment by Paddle with:

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Frequently Asked Questions

You'll find answers to common inquiries that will provide valuable insights into the features and functionality of Material Tailwind.

What is Material Tailwind?

Material Tailwind is a component library built with Tailwind CSS and React, designed to help developers and designers set up their web projects faster and more easily. Its design is inspired by Material Design. The product offers two versions: free and premium (PRO).

What is the difference between the free and premium versions?

The difference between Material Tailwind (Free) and Material Tailwind Pro lies in the number of components and blocks available. The free version provides only a limited set of elements for building a website, while the PRO version offers significantly more flexibility.

Can I create or sell templates or themes using Material Tailwind?

Our product cannot be used to create templates, UI kits, dashboards, or web builders that are distributed on your website or other marketplaces.

How many projects can I build with Material Tailwind PRO?

You can build as many projects as you like with Material Tailwind PRO, as long as they are not in direct competition with us.

What does 'lifetime access' mean?

If you purchase Material Tailwind PRO, you will have lifelong access to the product, meaning that you will receive all future updates for free.

How many team members can use Material Tailwind PRO with a team license?

With a Material Tailwind PRO Team license, you can share the product with 10+ team members.

Still have questions?

Reach our team and we will have an answer for you.

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