Tailwind CSS & React Charts - Material Tailwind PRO

Integrate data visualization into your Tailwind CSS projects with our responsive chart block examples. Customize and reuse the blocks whenever you need.

Line Chart

Free Block

Use this free chart example which is comparing two sets of data over time. The design is user-friendly and is perfect for an app or dashboard designed for monitoring financial performance.

Comparison Chart Widget

In this example, the presence of a percentage increase element provides an instant visual indicator of performance improvement over time.

Single Line Chart

Use this example if you want to represent one data series. The chart includes: title, description, interaction elements (input and button), and the chart.

Bar Chart Example

Try this chart example built with Tailwind CSS and React to include vertical bars representing data points for each month. Using green color for the bars is associated with growth or finance.

Card Charts Example 1

Use this chart example in your app dashboard to display different types of statistics using cards with line charts. The design is using icons to quickly identify the nature of the data being presented.

Card Charts Example 2

Similar to the previous example, this charts widget represents three types of stats. This example is using two cards with line charts and one card with a bar chart.