Tailwind CSS & React Ecommerce Blocks - Material Tailwind PRO

Effective ecommerce UI/UX design focuses on creating a seamless, intuitive, and visually appealing shopping experience, which includes features like clear product images, detailed descriptions, easy navigation, and secure payment options.

Simple Product Details Block

Free Block

Try this completely free product details section for your Tailwind CSS and React e-commerce project! It enables users to view the product's price, reviews, available colors, and add the product to the cart or favorites.

Dark Product Overview

If you are looking for an elegant way to present your products, check out this stunning block example!

Digital Product Overview

Add this overview section including pricing plan, call-to-action buttons, sales count, and star rating to showcase your digital product.

Interactive Product Preview

Use this modern and engaging ecommerce block with clickable white circles overlaid on the image, which allow the user to view details about the items and add them to their cart.

Product Details Block

Use this example of product details section with image, description, essential purchase options, call to action (Add to cart), and breadcrumb navigation.

Order History Ecommerce Block

Add this Tailwind CSS block to your project if you want to provide customers with an overview of their past orders. The layout is clean and straightforward, designed to provide essential details at a glance, with options to retrieve more detailed information if necessary.

Order Details Block

Use this order details block which includes an order ID header, placement date, product description, order progress tracker, shipping update contacts, payment information, a cost summary, and a button to view the invoice.

Promotional Cards Block

Use this block example to your ecommerce website for promotional purposes.

Grid Ecommerce Block

This ecommerce block is a grid layout showcasing four different collections or sales categories for a fashion retail website.

Ecommerce Checkout Block

Add this block to your project for the final steps in the online shopping process, allowing the user to review their purchase and enter payment and shipping information before completing the transaction.

Empty Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Use this simple and versatile example of an empty shopping cart block for your ecommerce project.

Shopping Cart Block

Add this block to your project for the final steps in the online shopping process with an upsell section.

Product Description Block

The product page layout is designed to provide the necessary information for purchasing, including visuals, price, sizing, and detailed product attributes

Complex Product Description Block

This block example includes all the elements you are looking for on a product description page, from ratings, and choose sizes/colors, to breadcrumb navigation.