Tailwind CSS & React KPI Cards - Material Tailwind PRO

The KPI Cards are visual representations of metrics and performance indicators. They are usually used in dashboards and reports, enabling quick assessment of key data points. Check below our Tailwind CSS KPI cards examples. .

KPI Cards with Arrow

Free Block

Use this free example of a block with four KPI cards, each representing a different performance metric. Each card contains an arrow indicator showing the percentage change compared to the previous period.

KPI Cards with Badge

Try this example if you prefer badge elements instead of arrows for indicating the metric evolution.

KPI Cards with Icon

In this example, the use of descriptive icons and explanatory text provides clear insights, making it easier for users to understand the metrics.

KPI Cards with CTA

Use this example of a KPI card block which includes a title with subtitle, a call-to-action button, and four KPI cards, each with value, label, description, and icon elements.

KPI Cards with Chart and CTA

In this example, each KPI card includes a trend graph, which acts as a visual representation of how the metric has changed over the selected period. This is easier for the users to spot trends at a glance.

KPI Cards with Progress bar

In this example, each KPI card includes a progress bar component with target values, providing a clear reference point. The block also includes the date of the last update, adding context about the freshness of the data.

Complex KPI Cards

Use this block example for a more complex view of the data. It features visual grouping, icons, descriptions, indicators, and more to help users quickly compare different types of KPI.