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Capture the user's attention using our block examples. Alert modals are used to convey important information, warnings, errors, or to confirm user actions. They require an action, such as clicking an "OK" button, to be dismissed so that the user has received and acknowledged the information.

Alert Modal

Free Block

Use this alert modal example which presents a message that prompts the user for confirmation before proceeding with an action that is irreversible. This type of modal is an example of a safeguard for user.

Invite Members Modal

This modal is a common feature in collaborative software and project management tools, allowing the administrator or team leader to manage access permissions for new and existing members efficiently.

Form Modal

Use this form modal to allow users to update their personal information and preferences. It comes with headline, description, profile info inputs, checkboxes, radio buttons, and call-to-action buttons.

Upload Files Modal

Try this modal example to provides users with the functionality to upload files to their account. It comes with an area where users can drag and drop files or choose to upload from their local file system.

Update Product Modal

Use this alert modal for editing and updating product information. It comes with headline, descriptions, placeholders, inputs, and call-to-action buttons.