Tailwind CSS & React Customer Overview Blocks - Material Tailwind PRO

A customer overview block, best suited for business websites, e-commerce, and service platforms, is a dedicated space where potential customers can get a snapshot of existing customers' experiences and satisfaction levels with a company's product or service. This section typically includes ratings, reviews, testimonials, aggregate scores, and quotes. Check out our Tailwind CSS block examples.

Customer Overview 1

Free Block

Use this horizontal customer overview section that comes with reviews accompanied by a star rating, the customer's name, and the date of the review, which adds to the credibility and recency of the feedback.

Customer Overview Example 2

This block offers an overview of client feedback and sentiment towards a service or product. It includes a separate overall rating, CTA button, testimonials, title, and description.

Customer Overview Example 3

This block example uses a centered layout and includes testimonial quotes with rating, title, and description.