Tailwind CSS & React Popups - Material Tailwind PRO

Popups are interactive elements that appear on a digital interface to display additional content, notifications, or actions. They typically overlay the main content temporarily and are designed to draw the user's attention to specific information or interactions.

Welcome Popup with CTA

Free Block

Use this Tailwind CSS popup example to welcome your website users with a message and guide them towards taking an action.

Simple Request Popup

This popup example showcases a serious and cautionary design with a warning icon and a message about the irreversible nature of account deletion. Primary and secondary buttons are included.

Success Popup

This block example displays a successfully completed action and includes buttons for social media platforms.

Popup with Image

This block example comes with a visually rich background image, designed to captivate the user's attention.

Introductory Popup

This example includes a header, a brief description, radio buttons for multiple choice options, and a CTA button. It can be used for onboarding new users and directing them to various support channels based on their needs.

Subscribe Popup

This example can be used for collecting user information to send newsletters and updates. It includes a header, text description, text inputs, and a CTA button

Notification Popup

This simple popup block example with header, description, and button, can be used to inform users about cookie policies and obtain their consent for tracking and personalization.