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Crypto Table

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This is an example of building a dynamic and responsive cryptocurrency market overview table in a React application, leveraging the capabilities of Next.js, ApexCharts, Material Tailwind, Heroicons, and deepmerge for a rich user interface and efficient data visualization.

Transactions Table

This complex table example includes a list of transactions with several columns detailing the information for each transaction. This layout is perfect for financial or e-commerce applications.

Invoices Table

Use this example to enable tracking the status. There's also a search function at the top right of the table, along with a button, and table pagination at the bottom.

Projects Management Table

This table example built with Tailwind CSS and React includes different columns with elements like checkbox inputs, icons and titles, profile images (avatars), tags, progress bar, and simple text.

Orders Table

In this example, each row represents an individual order, with color-coded status indicators for quick visual reference: green for paid orders, blue for refunded, and red for canceled. There are also buttons for filtering and exporting the data at the top of the table .

Top Selling Products Table

Use this table that includes star ratings and tracks performance metrics to let the users make informed decisions about inventory, marketing, and product development.

Global Sales Table

Try our table block with icons, map, buttons, headline, and description to your Tailwind CSS project.

Members List Table

Use this table block which includes avatars to represent the members, tags, edit function, search function, and call-to-action buttons to get started easier.