Tailwind CSS Collapse

Use our Tailwind CSS collapse component to allow the user to show and hide sections of related content on a page.

There are many ways to use this component, like displaying a list of FAQs, showing various menus and submenus, displaying the locations of a particular company, and so on.

See below our simple and versatile collapse example that you can use in your Tailwind CSS projects. We also included some collapse props that are available.

Collapse Example:

Default Collapse

Save valuable screen space and allow users to control their interaction with the content using our collapse component example. Copy-paste the code directly to your project.

  class="select-none rounded-lg bg-gray-900 px-6 py-3 text-center align-middle font-sans text-xs font-bold uppercase text-white shadow-md shadow-gray-900/10 transition-all hover:shadow-lg hover:shadow-gray-900/20 focus:opacity-[0.85] focus:shadow-none active:opacity-[0.85] active:shadow-none disabled:pointer-events-none disabled:opacity-50 disabled:shadow-none"
  Open Collapse
  class="block h-0 w-full basis-full overflow-hidden transition-all duration-300 ease-in-out"
  <div class="relative mx-auto my-4 flex w-8/12 flex-col rounded-xl bg-white bg-clip-border text-gray-700 shadow-md">
    <div class="p-6">
      <p class="block font-sans text-base font-light leading-relaxed text-inherit antialiased">
        Use our Tailwind CSS collapse for your website. You can use if for
        accordion, collapsible items and much more.

The button from this collapse component is styled with Tailwind CSS to have a dark background, white text, rounded corners; and interactive feedback (shadow effects on hover, focus, and active states). The content inside the collapsible area is a simple paragraph.

The styling ( font-sans text-base font-light leading-relaxed) ensures the text is readable and aesthetically pleasing.

Collapse Trigger Data Attributes

The following data attributes are available for collapse trigger element.

data-collapse-targetSet the collapse target element, it should be the same as the
data-collapse data attribute.

Collapse Data Attributes

The following data attributes are available for collapse element.

data-collapseSet the collapse element, it should be the same as the
data-collapse-target data attribute.

Required Scripts

The collapse component needs a required script file to work, you just need to add the below script file to the bottom of your html file.

<!-- from node_modules -->
<script src="node_modules/@material-tailwind/html/scripts/collapse.js"></script>
<!-- from cdn -->
<script src="https://unpkg.com/@material-tailwind/html@latest/scripts/collapse.js"></script>

Collapse Component Best Practice for Developers

• Apply smooth animations and transitions when expanding or collapsing content.
• Build collapsible components in a way that they work without JavaScript enabled.
• Keep the content within the collapsible section well-structured. Use appropriate heading levels (<h2>, <h3>, etc.) for section titles to maintain a logical document outline.
• Consider using clear and intuitive toggle icons (e.g., "+" and "-") next to the trigger element to indicate the open/close state.