Tailwind CSS Alert - React

Get started on your web projects with our Tailwind CSS alert which provides contextual feedback messages for typical user actions.

An alert displays a short and important message attracting the user's attention without interrupting the user's task. Use this element when you need to show highly-important messages to users or when you need a persistent static container that is closable by user actions.

See below our simple alert example that you can use in your Tailwind CSS and React project. The example also comes in different styles and colors, so you can adapt it easily to your needs.

import { Alert } from "@material-tailwind/react";
export default function Example() {
  return <Alert>A simple alert for showing message.</Alert>;

Alert Variants

The alert component comes with 2 different variants that you can change it using the variant prop.

import { Alert } from "@material-tailwind/react";
export default function Variants() {
  return (
    <div className="flex flex-col gap-2">
      <Alert variant="filled">A simple filled alert for showing message.</Alert>
      <Alert variant="gradient">
        A simple gradient alert for showing message.

Alert Colors

The alert component comes with 19 different colors that you can change it using the color prop, below there are some examples of the colors but you can check all of the them here.

import { Alert } from "@material-tailwind/react";
export default function Colors() {
  return (
    <div className="flex flex-col gap-2 w-full">
      <Alert color="blue">An info alert for showing message.</Alert>
      <Alert color="red">An error alert for showing message.</Alert>
      <Alert color="green">A success alert for showing message.</Alert>
      <Alert color="amber">A warning alert for showing message.</Alert>

Alert Dismissible

The alert component is a dismissible component that you can control it using the dismissible and show props.

import { useState, Fragment } from "react";
import { Alert } from "@material-tailwind/react";
export default function Colors() {
  const [show, setShow] = useState(true);
  return (
      {!show && (
          onClick={() => setShow(true)}
          Show Alert
          onClose: () => setShow(false)
        A dismissible alert for showing message.


The following props are available for the button component. These are the custom props that come with we've added for the alert component and you can use all the other native props as well.

variantVariantChange alert variantfilled
colorColorChange alert colorblue
dismissibleDismissibleMakes the alert dismissibleundefined
animateAnimateChange alert animationundefined
showbooleanChange the alert visibilitytrue
iconnodeAdd icon at the beginning of alertundefined
classNamestringAdd custom className for alert''
childrennodeAdd content for alertNo default value its a required prop.


type variant = "filled" | "gradient";
type color =
  | "blue-grey"
  | "grey"
  | "brown"
  | "deep-orange"
  | "orange"
  | "amber"
  | "yellow"
  | "lime"
  | "light-green"
  | "green"
  | "teal"
  | "cyan"
  | "light-blue"
  | "blue"
  | "indigo"
  | "deep-purple"
  | "purple"
  | "pink"
  | "red";
type dismissible = {
  action?: ReactNode;
  onClose: () => void;
type animate = {
  mount?: Object;
  unmount?: Object;