Tailwind CSS Button - React

Use our Button based on Tailwind CSS for actions in forms, dialogues, and more.

Button is an essential element of web design. Basically, Button is styled links that grab the user's attention. They help users navigate our websites or apps and drive them to a particular action like submitting a contact form or placing an order as easy as possible.

See below our Button example that you can use in your Tailwind CSS and React project. The example also comes in different styles and colors, so you can adapt it easily to your needs.

Button Variants

The Button component comes with 4 different variants that you can change it using the variant prop.

Button Sizes

The Button component comes with 3 different sizes that you can change it using the size prop.

Button Colors

The Button component comes with 19 different colors that you can change it using the color prop.

Button with Icon

You can use any type of icons inside the button, in the below example we've used the @heroicons.

Block Level Button

A Button could be a block level component as well that get's all the available space in a row. You can render a Button as a block level element using the fullWidth prop.

Button Ripple Effect

You can turn on/off the ripple effect for the Button component using the ripple prop.

Custom Auth Buttons

You can use tailwind css classes with Button to create beautiful buttons for different purposes, below you can use some button examples used for authentication with social media and web 3.0.

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