Tailwind CSS Rating Bar - React

Use our Tailwind CSS Rating component to show reviews and ratings in your web projects. The Rating can be used as a visual identifier for reviews and rating on your website.

See below our beautiful Rating example that you can use in your Tailwind CSS and React project. The example also comes in different styles and colors so you can adapt it easily to your needs.

Rating Colors

The Rating component comes with 20 different colors that you can change it using the unratedColor prop for the unrated state of Rating component and ratedColor prop for the rated state of Rating component.

Readonly Rating

You can make a Rating component readonly by using the readonly prop. This will prevent the user from changing the rating.

Custom Rating Icon

You can customize the Rating component icon by using the unratedIcon and ratedIcon props.

Rating with Text

Use the example below for a Rating component with helper text.

4.0 Rated

Rating with Comment

Use the example below for a Rating component with comment.

"This is an excellent product, the documentation is excellent and helped me get things done more efficiently."

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