Tailwind CSS Card - React

Use our Card to provide a flexible and extensible content container based on Tailwind CSS with multiple variants and options.

By its definition, a Card is a sheet of material that serves as an entry point to more detailed information. Card usually include a photo, text, and a link about a single subject. They should be easy to scan for relevant and actionable information. Elements, like text and images, should be placed on them in a way that clearly indicates hierarchy.

See below our beautiful Card example that you can use in your React and Tailwind CSS projects. We've also included some Card props that are available.

UI/UX Review Check

Because it's about motivating the doers. Because I'm here to follow my dreams and inspire others.

Tailwind CSS Simple Card - React

Use this example if you want to showcase your information in a simple and straightforward way. A basic card comes with a headline, a description, and a CTA button.

UI/UX Review Check

Because it's about motivating the doers. Because I'm here to follow my dreams and inspire others.

Tailwind CSS Card with Link - React

Use this card example if you are looking to use a link instead a button.

Tailwind CSS Profile Card - React

Showcase user information in a concise way by using this card example. Use high-quality images for a better effect. This type of card is usually used for team member pages, author bio, and user profiles.


Natalie Paisley

CEO / Co-Founder

Tailwind CSS Login Card - React

This login card is perfect for sections that require user authentication. It contains the usual information for a smooth authentication process.

Sign In

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Tailwind CSS Pricing Card - React

This beautiful pricing card will present the pricing plans for the products. It is perfect if you want the highlight the product's features.


$29 /mo

  • 5 team members

  • 200+ components

  • 40+ built-in pages

  • 1 year free updates

  • Life time technical support

Tailwind CSS Blog Card - React

Showcase blog posts in a visually appealing way with our example of blog card. It contains the basic elements that you will need: a headline, an image, a description, authors, and a date.

ui/ux review check

UI/UX Review Check

Because it's about motivating the doers. Because I'm here to follow my dreams and inspire others.

natali craigcandice wu

January 10

Tailwind CSS Background Blog Card - React

If you are looking for a more sophisticated blog card, use this example which uses an image as a background. Blog cards are usually used on blog pages and home pages.

How we design and code open-source projects?

Candice Wu
candice wu

Tailwind CSS Booking Card - React

If you have a service booking section on your website, this card if what you will need! The tooltips are used to show the most important features in a user friendly way.

ui/ux review check
Wooden House, Florida


Enter a freshly updated and thoughtfully furnished peaceful home surrounded by ancient trees, stone walls, and open meadows.


Tailwind CSS Testimonial Card - React

The testimonial section is a necessary component of any website. Use our card example to create a beautiful testimonial section.

candice wu
Candice Wu

Frontend Lead @ Google

"I found solution to all my design needs from Creative Tim. I use them as a freelancer in my hobby projects for fun! And its really affordable, very humble guys !!!"

Tailwind CSS Horizontal Card - React

Here is an example of a simple horizontal card that you can use to showcase the information.


Lyft launching cross-platform service this week

Like so many organizations these days, Autodesk is a company in transition. It was until recently a traditional boxed software company selling licenses. Yet its own business model disruption is only part of the story

Tailwind CSS Ecommerce Card - React

This ecommerce card is a must for any E-commerce website! Right?

Apple AirPods


With plenty of talk and listen time, voice-activated Siri access, and an available wireless charging case.

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