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The Tailwind CSS Components Library For Coding 10x Faster

Material Tailwind is an open-source library that uses the power of Tailwind CSS and React to help you build unique web projects faster and easier. The stunning design inspired by Material Design is a bonus!

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Material Tailwind - Free

Explore some of its features

Get Material Tailwind and take advantage of its free components and features that will help you setup your web project quickly.

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Code better, launch faster

With your favorite framework

Material Tailwind comes with stunning fully coded components based on React or HTML. Choose you favorite version! Angular and Vue.js components coming soon.

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CSS Components

Code Fast. Code Consistently

Our Tailwind CSS components library provides a simple way to customize your button; you can change the colors, fonts, styling, and everything you need.

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Global Style

Awesome color palette and realistic shadows.

Enhance your web product with our vibrant color palettes and realistic shadows, creating a memorable user experience that breathes life into your design.

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200+ Tailwind CSS Components

Our ready-to-use Tailwind CSS components, like buttons, inputs, cards, tables and more, will help you create visually appealing web pages for your project in a fraction of the time!

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